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The anti-Trump women’s march on Washington this past weekend was billed as letting the new administration know that women will remain steadfast in their demand for rights. Presumably equal rights augmented by some additional women’s rights.

As an ignorant white male of the Christian faith, I suppose I’ll earn some criticism by asking, “What rights?” My understanding (and personal observation) is that women have more or less shattered the glass ceiling in recent decades, and while there might remain some room for improvement in the area of equal pay for equal work, and in other areas about which I’m truly uninformed, I’m not sure which rights are so dreadfully threatened by the Trump presidency that they evoke such protester distress and angst.

Just kidding – I know exactly what they are – even a dummy like me can figure that one out. The primary concerns seem to be about abortion and LGBT rights. That’s right. Under the guise of women’s rights, the message is clear; don’t mess with abortion or gender.

Usually a beacon of democracy, the Washington’s National Mall wasn’t tolerating any dissent last Saturday. Although marching in solidarity with the crowd on other matters, pro-life women’s groups were not welcome at the Washington rally. Because a pro-life stance apparently renders one without voice, much like a child in a womb.

Now, with a title like “Christianity for Life” you might expect this blog to include content taking a pro-life position on abortion. But that’s not usually the focus here – its more about the practice of Christianity to achieve an abundant life through Jesus Christ. But today I’m going to weigh in on abortion, because a million or so of you brought it up over the weekend.

Women of the world, you have the right to choose. You’ve always had that right and nobody can take that right away from you. Indeed, if, upon discovering that another human being, your child, has taken up residence within your body, you are free to kill that child.

In fact all of my readers, male and female, you also have the right to choose. You’ve always had that right and nobody can take that right away from you. Indeed, if someone is bothering you in some manner, you are free to kill that person.

Likewise people, if, after acquiring a child you determine that the child is expensive to maintain and troublesome to manage, and you wish you or the birth mother had chosen to kill that child before delivery when you had the chance, you’re still free to kill that child.

We’ve always had the right to choose, folks. Life is all about choices. Its the consequences of those choices that matter. If you choose to kill that annoying neighbor, the consequences are unpleasant – he loses his life, and you go to jail (or worse if you live in Texas). If you do away with your whining child, he’ll have no chance to grow up and live his life, and society will demonize you as some sort of monster! (or worse if you live in Texas). And if you kill your child before she’s born, she’ll lose her chance to experience life and the love of her own children. And she’ll never get to march on Washington. But you’ll be alright, because you have a state-protected right to choose.

Of course, our annoying neighbor and irritating child might object to being killed, so society has developed a legal framework to protect them. Unfortunately, any attempt to protect the little girl in the womb is deemed to be an attack on women’s rights. A denial of your right to choose. So the opposite has become true, and society

has developed a legal framework to protect your right to kill.

But life’s not that simple. I acknowledge that the abortion debate is more complex, that every woman has her own unique backstory and circumstances. Whichever side you’re on, there’s always an anecdote to support the exception.

But the broader picture is of great concern.

Somehow along the way, society has equated the discouragement of killing unborn babies with the oppression of women. If I try to talk you out of killing your expectant child, I’m somehow oppressing you and denying you freedom of choice. If I object to Planned Parenthood as an organization that has morphed from a well-meaning source of birth control and advice into a baby-killing industry, I’m labelled as a hater of women.

Those who would defend the unborn, those with respect for the sanctity of life, are treated as evil haters who are to be shunned by society. When did things get turned around? Since day one we’ve all agreed; killing bad, kindness good. What happened? Killing OK, disagreeing bad!

Logic demands that we see abortion as a spiritual battle. There’s no other explanation as to why society is killing babies in the millions every year, and passing it off as a right! Only a cursed and blinded society could allow the tragedy of unwanted pregnancy to become a mainstream, March on Washington, Civil Rights, “I Have a Dream” cause celebré.

Once we accept that we’re not dealing with people on this issue, and acknowledge that we’re dealing with the principalities and powers of the spiritual realm, only then do things begin to make sense. In his letter to the church in Rome, Paul quotes the Psalmist saying, “As it is written, ‘For your sake we are being killed all the day long; we are regarded as sheep to be slaughtered.’ (Romans 8:36). And indeed he might well speak for our children, denied birth as casualties of the enemy of Christ and by the unwitting hand of society. But all is not lost, for Paul continues…“No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Romans 8:37-39).

And so it is that we of faith, we haters of the killing, take solace in the knowledge that Jesus is Lord, and one day the killing will stop.

So march on, you women of democracy. Its your right. But in your quiet times, when the crowds have dispersed and the cacophony of protest is displaced by silence and conscience, ask yourself, “If it happens to me, will I kill my baby?”

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