About TruthWords

My name is Steve Howells. Since 2008 I’ve managed the Search The Bible Internet Mission to maintain a popular online Bible website and to supply a Daily Bible Verse by email to tens of thousands of subscribers worldwide. These services, along with daily readings, prayer requests, random Bible verses and more, have served well over time and continue to do so.

But the world is changing, and the impact of social media and rapidly advancing technology means I have to work harder to stay relevant.

So welcome to TruthWords.

Smartphone and laptop.

In a world of fake news, polarizing world views and an increasing societal hostility toward traditional values and the Christian faith, we need to seek and share what is true. I believe that in all matters, the Bible, as the inspired word of God, is the final arbiter of truth.

In these pages I encourage the sharing and discussion of all things biblical and true. I share my favorite Bible verses and stories. I share articles about faith and my opinions on world events, politics and social issues from a Biblical perspective.

I want to hear from you. What is your truth? What do you think of Truthwords content? Leave a comment, and if you have any questions just use the contact form and I’ll try to give an answer.

Some of the features from my legacy website at searchthebible.com are migrating over to TruthWords, and I’ll be using bibleclearinghouse.com to serve up some content going forward. This is necessary to help get around the arbitrary suppression of conservative Christian voices by the likes of Google.

Throughout TruthWords you’ll see advertisements or an invitation to make a donation. With God’s help, this is how I fund this work. No donation is too small. The more sponsors I have, the more time I can dedicate to writing articles and sharing Truthwords content.

Thanks for your visit today. Please come back often and help us share the truth.