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Ha Ha, Really?

Don’t you love it when Christians write lofty articles about science? Like most people, we ordinary everyday Christians haven’t a clue about most science, but there are those of us who love to tackle this minefield of a topic from time to time. And of course that makes the usual cast of characters jump in with their rock-solid expert opinions based on the higher education they’ve received from Discovery Channel, Bill Nye, the science guy, and even the premium cable channels!

To believe most scientific theory, one must exercise faith.

So get ready all you atheist science trolls. I’m going to talk about science! There’s a comment thing at the bottom of this page where you can shout your profane vitriol and once again demonstrate your science-based integrity and strength of character. You know, such comments as, “I say old chap, I rather thought your article on evolution to be a tad off the mark if you don’t mind my saying so. I’m frightfully sorry but I simply cannot agree with you!” Or other colorful words to that effect.

OK, all about science. Here we go…

The main objective of this article is to derive a new set of gravitational field equations and to establish a new unified theory for dark energy and dark matter. The new gravitational field equations with scalar potential φ are derived using the Einstein-Hilbert functional, and the scalar potential φ is a natural outcome of the divergence-free constraint of the variational elements. Gravitation is now described by the Riemannian metric gij, the scalar potential φ and their interactions, unified by the new gravitational field equations. Associated with the scalar potential φ is the scalar potential energy density, which represents a new type of energy caused by the non-uniform distribution of matter in the universe.

Still with me?

Well good for you because to me that’s nothing but gibberish. Thanks to Tian Ma, Shouhong Wang and the Cornell University Library for my use of their gibberish which, I’m sure, is the well founded result of some very hard work by very intelligent people. But I’m going to go out on a limb and say that, like me, most of my readers don’t understand it.

And yet, if I suggest in my Christian article about science that the universe exists as the result of a Creator God, the backlash is usually swift and brutal. “Science has proven you wrong! What about the big bang theory?” (funny sitcom that, LOL) “Scientists have PROVEN that there’s no need for a God to explain our universe! Get out of the dark ages, you @&$%#! moron!”

Such certainty. Based on what?

The vast majority of people on this planet, if presented with the scientific data and arguments that support the big bang theory, or most other scientific theory for that matter, would understand those theories just as clearly as you and I understand the paragraph cited above about gravitational field equations and theory of dark matter and dark energy.

To believe most scientific theory, one must exercise faith.

We must put our faith in a class of fellow humans who tell us that there is no God because they’ve proven it scientifically. We must have faith that, although never proven, evolution is a fact. Just ask a scientist.

Well here’s another thought. There is a God. Just ask me. And another; while adaptation within a species can be clearly demonstrated, there is no shred of evidence that one “kind” (e.g. fish) ever evolved into a different “kind” (e.g. mammals). Its true. just ask me, or anyone from the class of fellow humans who tell us that they’ve proven it both scientifically and theologically.

The thing is that if you have faith in what Christians like me say, or more to the point, what the Bible and your inner being declares, then you will be faced with the reality of a God. And the God of the Bible must be answered to. Things get a bit awkward and the next thing you know you’re knee-deep in guilt, sin and the whole religion enchilada. But if you believe in what popular science is telling you, then life is a breeze. No guilt. You can do as you please without care of any heavenly consequences or absolute standard of morality. That’s a lot easier, and its amazing the lengths people will go to, to rationalize their faith in science and the life view it supports.

Consider this. Science has proven (there’s that word again), that given what we know about the make-up of the universe and the laws of physics that govern it, the odds against there being a planet like ours, that supports life as we know it, are so astronomically huge as to be considered virtually impossible. And yet here we are. On our planet. Living the good life in a hostile universe that statistically can not support our existence.

So what’s going on? The obvious answer to Christians is that the entire universe was created by our God for the sole purpose of blowing our minds at the wonder of it all! The conditions supporting our existence were created and are sustained by God entirely for us, right?

Wrong! This concept is so distasteful to scientists that they MUST find a way to discredit it. And so they did. Here’s what they came up with; if the odds against our existence are so infinitely huge as to make it virtually impossible then, wait for it…

there must be an infinite number of universes so as to defeat those odds!

BWAHAHAHAHA! Really? This theory was actually presented as straight-faced fact on the TV series, Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey and is becoming widely-accepted as scientific fact.

So where are you going to put your faith? In a thoroughly outlandish rationalization of our existence involving 100% guesswork by science, or in the God of the Bible? Your choice.

I imagine myself standing before God and the conversation going something like this;

God: “You didn’t believe in me.”

Me: “Er, well yes you see, it just seemed so impossible to me that you might exist. And there was this TV show about universes and…”

God: “Whoa, stop right there. A TV show?”

Me: (nervous laughter) “Ha, I know, sounds a bit silly now doesn’t it? But they said our universe couldn’t support life as we know it.”

God: “That’s right, in Psalm 19:1 I had David write, ‘The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.’ so that you’d realize the breadth of my love for humanity and see the awesomeness of my creation.”

Me: “Hmm, I might have missed that. Here’s the thing. On TV they said that it could all be explained by the simple fact that there are an infinite number of universes. Is that true?”

God: “What do you think?

Me: “I know – should I join the lineup at the down-elevator over there?”

In this so-called age of reason, just choose science. It’ll be alright. Just wait and see,

Don’t get me wrong. Science has its place when it produces repeatable results with practical applications in medicine, engineering, communications, space travel etc. but we all need to know the difference between theory and proven fact.

That’s all for today. Next time I might write about airplanes and computers and God.

God Bless.

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