Babies And Elephants

mom dresses the baby on the bed

An update to this story – Carleton Stevens was acquitted on the charge of attempted murder. Apparently there was insufficient evidence that he intended to kill his ex-girlfriend.

No charges were even contemplated for the murder of their baby.

Babies: It’s October 2019 and there is a criminal trial underway in the city of Vancouver. Carleton Stevens is accused of attempted murder because he allegedly shot his girlfriend in the stomach. He’s also charged with possession of a prohibited weapon. A gun.

Stevens’ girlfriend has testified that she had been dating Stevens for less than a year when she became pregnant. Stevens wanted her to have an abortion. She was six and a half months pregnant at the time of the shooting.

The bullet severed the umbilical cord and the baby died as a result.

Stevens has not been charged with murder, or manslaughter, or anything else pertaining to the death of the baby. This is presumably because there are no laws in Canada that apply to abortion. Killing an unborn baby is not a crime.

An unborn baby is not a person in the eyes of the law.

The unborn baby has no value.

Elephants: Happy the elephant lives in the Bronx Zoo. Happy has lawyers who are arguing in court that Happy’s rights are being violated because the Bronx Zoo are detaining her illegally.


Happy’s detention is illegal, they say, because Happy is a person and should be declared a person so she can be afforded the same rights to liberty that apply to a human person.

In previous lawsuits, Happy’s animal rights representatives have argued, albeit unsuccessfully, for the personhood of chimpanzees.

Testimony in the current case includes references to how a river in New Zealand and a portion of the Amazon forest have been granted human-like status, so why not Happy the elephant?

Do you believe Happy is a person? Many people do, and society accepts that as just another (kooky) opinion.

Do you believe an unborn human baby is a person? Many people do, and society labels them as misogynist haters who would deny women the right to choose.

What do you think?

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