Can A Man Become Pregnant?

A documentary aired on the BBC this week with the title, Seahorse; The Dad Who Gave Birth.

The BBC teaser reads, “Freddy decided to carry his own baby after wanting to start a family, but he faced a highly unusual challenge – he is a gay transgender man. He made the decision after years of soul searching, but nothing could prepare him for the reality of pregnancy.”

The BBC claims, with a straight face, that there is a man who gave birth to a baby. You can watch their trailer here.

In a review, Britain’s The Telegraph talks about Freddy’s, “…rather beautiful journey” and the, “…sensitive, warm-hearted film.”

Such are the delusions of the mainstream media. When told that a man became pregnant and delivered a baby I’m inclined to declare, “Fake News!” even though that label is becoming a bit worn out these days. But there are a lot of truths to be found in this unusual story. Let’s take a look at those truths.

It’s true that the subject of this story, Freddy, became pregnant, carried a baby to full term, and successfully delivered the child.

It’s true that Freddy was born female. This means that, at birth, Freddy possessed a compete set of female reproductive organs. It’s true that for the past few thousand years we have referred to such people as women.

It’s true that for the past few thousand years people born with a complete set of male reproductive organs have been referred to as men.

It’s true that Freddy decided at some point to identify as a man instead of a woman. So be it – Britain is a free country.

At no time did Freddy exchange female reproductive organs for male reproductive organs. It is not true, therefore, that Freddy ceased to be a woman. It’s true, however, that Freddy takes testosterone hormones so as to develop a deep voice, grow facial hair and maintain a male appearance. If Freddy stops taking these hormones, it’s true that Freddy’s body will again start functioning like the body of a woman because Freddy was born a woman.

It’s true that the vast majority of the women ever born have possessed a natural sexual attraction to men. Many people, including myself, believe that this attraction is by the design of our Creator in order to facilitate the reproduction of our species. It’s also true, and of no surprise, that Freddy, having been born a woman, is naturally attracted to men.

Because Freddy is attracted to men, Freddy is described in the media as a gay man. I’ll go out on a limb here and suggest that most reasonable people will agree that Freddy is not a gay man but is merely exhibiting the usual sexual attraction of a person who was born a woman. Despite Freddy’s outward appearance, one could even describe Freddy as a straight woman.

It’s true that many women reach a stage in life when they develop the desire to have a child. Again, it’s no surprise that Freddy also developed such a desire.

If a man wants to father a child, it’s true that the man must seek out a sexual partner who is a woman, preferably his wife, and conceive the child with that woman who will carry the child in her womb until birth. This is because it is also true that a man cannot himself carry the child in his womb until birth because he does not have a womb.

When Freddy decided to conceive a child, it’s true that Freddy, despite identifying as a male, could not seek out a sexual partner who is a woman because Freddy, having no male reproductive organs, cannot impregnate a woman. However, because Freddy was born a woman, it’s true that Freddy could seek out a male sexual partner to impregnate Freddy.

So Freddy became pregnant, carried a baby to full term, and successfully delivered the child.

So did a man have a baby? That’s simply not true.

Now, I’m not suggesting that Freddy did anything wrong. I have compassion for Freddy. I can’t imagine the challenges faced by a person, born a woman, who thinks they are a man.

But I object strongly to the media persisting with this game of “Let’s Pretend” as the current sexual revolution unfolds. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

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