Category: Contemplations

How to Pray

Regardless of our depth of belief, our faith in God’s existence and His ability to answer our prayer, most of us come to God in prayer at those times in life when we have nowhere else to turn. But let’s be honest, it’s hard to find the right words to talk to God and ask Him to meet our needs and solve our problems.

What’s My Role in the Kingdom of God?

This is a question that is pondered by many. Is the Kingdom of God here and now or will it be established at some future time? Am I supposed to have a role? Can I choose one or will God assign me something?

Does God Really Love Me?

Some would argue that, given all the suffering in this world, God couldn’t possibly love us. And I think we might agree that there are days when God’s love indeed seems quite remote. Does he really love us as the church proclaims?

Absolute Morality and Evolution

The concept of an absolute morality is upheld for the most part by the religious, each religion competing for the acceptance of their particular absolute morality. On the other side of the debate are the voices of atheism who generally declare that relative morality is, by its very flexibility, preferable to the unyielding absolute morality of religion.