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It’s Not About Trump!

The White House, Washington DC, USA.

I’m having trouble with Donald Trump. Not because I support him, and not because I don’t support him. Here’s my dilemma… If you subscribe to the Daily Bible Verse, you might be aware that you are one of thousands of subscribers around the world.… Continue Reading “It’s Not About Trump!”

Comforting Bible Verses of Healing and Reassurance

To help you to remain mindful of our Lord in these troubled times I’ve compiled fifty Bible verses and set them to 30 minutes of music and video on YouTube. I hope you’ll find these to be of some comfort and I encourage you to share them with your friends.

Time, Talent and Toilet Paper

Man carrying reserves of toilet paper

Many if us have lots of free time during the COVID-19 lock-down. Some of us have talent, and some even have toilet paper! Watch the video below that was put together by someone who clearly has and abundance of all three! Thanks to the… Continue Reading “Time, Talent and Toilet Paper”

Right Wing Propaganda – Let’s Be Clear

I’ve received a couple of complaints recently because of articles I wrote that are interpreted as political, or as right-wing propaganda. Apparently, some of my Daily Bible Verse subscribers don’t want any of that. The article that triggered these complaints seems to be the… Continue Reading “Right Wing Propaganda – Let’s Be Clear”