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There was a syndicated news article by Colin Perkel last week with the headline, “Atheist minister wants to keep church job”. The story is about a United Church minister, the “Reverend” Gretta Vosper, who has declared that she believes in neither God nor the Bible. Of course, that’s her right as a free-willed individual, but she doesn’t understand why the church wants to fire her.


That’s right. She can’t figure out why she shouldn’t be allowed to continue to lead a Christian congregation as an atheist.

It gets worse. Vosper apparently made her views clear to her congregation back in 2001 and they were OK with that.


Yes, they stood by her. It wasn’t until she decided to drop the Lord’s prayer in 2008 that things started to get awkward and two-thirds of the congregation left the church.

The United Church, in consideration of these events didn’t immediately fire Vosper. Instead, they ruled that they need to initiate a review process that could

lead to her defrocking. Vosper is appealing this ruling on the basis that, “…it puts any minister at risk of being judged and found wanting.

Such is the world of the mainstream church in the post-Christian era. Its no surprise that an atheist has the audacity to suggest she should be allowed to pervert our Lord’s Church as an impostor. What’s really concerning is that our society is now so removed from spiritual reality that people like Vosper think they have a chance of getting away with it.

Its only a matter of time until some human rights tribunal rules that its unfair to fire Christian clergy on the basis that they are no longer Christian.

This is indeed the post-Christian era.

God Bless.

(Read the CP story here.)

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  1. Waggoner advised, “Church leaders should passionately and consistently challenge church members to maximize their influence with youth and young adults. Frequent and intentional contact can either prevent or counteract the tendency of some to drop out of church.”

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