How The West Won The Cold War And Then Surrendered

Russia, China and the Middle East strengthen as they lie in wait, while the UK, US, Canada and Australia self-destruct in the name of progressive tolerance, social justice and imagined oppressors.

I am a citizen of the West. I was born and raised in the United Kingdom, I emigrated to Canada, and now treat Texas in the USA as a second home. I love these three countries and I’m grateful for having the privilege of being able to live my life in these places.

It was during my childhood in England that I first became aware of my privilege. I learned that I was born to a nation with a proud history of empire, military might, democracy and goodness. Rule Britannia. God Save The Queen. We were the good guys.

With the help of the USA we had won two world wars. The world was a better place due to the combined efforts of western allies who stood firm against the threats of Nazism, communism and the atrocities they spawned. The struggle between capitalist democracy and socialist oppression wasn’t easy but we were on the side of freedom and prosperity. We were the good guys.

Within our democracies the pendulums of politics predictably swung back and forth from left to right, but we never wandered too far from the center. And it was through trial and error that we built on our strengths and prospered. We shared our good fortune with those less fortunate, giving foreign aid where needed, and defending democracy throughout the globe. We were the good guys.

There was a strange stability in the world. Mutual Assured Destruction. If the bad guys made a wrong move we would obliterate them with our nuclear weapons as we ourselves were obliterated. So no moves were made, and such was the Cold War.

Inevitably, those in the bread lines of the USSR and Eastern Europe began to realize that freedom and democracy yield a higher standard of living. President Reagan, through strength, resolve and sheer logic, famously convinced Gorbachev to, “Tear down this wall!” and thus was the collapse of Communism. German reunification. The end of Soviet oppression. Millions free at last. We were the good guys.

With the perennial regional exceptions, the world entered an era of unprecedented peace, prosperity and security. The good guys were strong and in charge, and everyone in the global community knew their place. Things were looking good.

We no longer needed strength and resolve, we could relax a bit. No need for heroes, for strong men. Time to get in touch with our feminine side. Our feelings.

Fast forward to 2019. We have exposed a new enemy within.

A Society Divided

The greatest threat to free speech is no longer Communism, it is political correctness. If we disagree and my words hurt your feelings you think I hate you. So my words are hate speech to be outlawed and suppressed. Half of society agree with that, the other half don’t.

Some claim that the basic building block of Western Civilization, the family, is threatened by a sexual revolution that glorifies and celebrates hitherto-fringe lifestyles, bringing them into the mainstream and confusing our children. Some declare that gender fluidity and the overblown celebration of minority sexual orientations have no place in our classrooms. Half of society agree with that, the other half don’t.

Conservatives say that our prosperity is threatened by the forces of a selective socialism. Those who don’t prosper feel bad, so if you want your government to guarantee equal opportunity for all, but not to guarantee equal outcomes for all, you are either a racist and/or a misogynist. If you build a business that employs thousands and earns you millions of dollars, you are the one percent. The rest of us feel bad so you must be stopped and your money redistributed. If you are a lesbian talk-show host who makes tens of millions you are to be adored and revered. Half of society agree with that, the other half don’t.

Many believe our national character is threatened by the watering-down of western culture through unregulated immigration, multiculturalism and non-assimilation. Half of society agree with that, the other half don’t.

A once-powerful civilization, strong and free, is split right down the middle. Polite partisan politics is reduced to bitter mudslinging and dishonesty. We have become a divided people hell-bent on self-destruction.

The Opportunists

Russian collusion, election meddling, social media manipulation – in the news a lot lately. Its no secret that our former enemies Russia and China, and emerging Middle-Eastern players such as Iran, delight in our dysfunction. They add fuel to the fire with mass social media postings designed to trigger hostility on both sides of our divided society. They watch as we weaken, hoping for a civil war that some fear is inevitable. They watch with disgust as the values they still hold sacred are desecrated throughout the west. We’re no longer the good guys. We’re on the verge of surrender to those have kept their act together.

The Challenge

We need to stop the infighting. We need to think about who we were, who we are, and who we want to be. And we need to think fast. The enemy is at the gates.

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