It’s Not About Trump!

The White House, Washington DC, USA.

I’m having trouble with Donald Trump. Not because I support him, and not because I don’t support him. Here’s my dilemma…

If you subscribe to the Daily Bible Verse, you might be aware that you are one of thousands of subscribers around the world. You might also be aware that it costs money to create and send the Daily Bible Verse to thousands every day of the year. The Daily Bible Verse is free, and it should be free, it is, after all, the Word of God. But someone has to pay the expenses.

There are three ways of paying these expenses. I can pay out of my own pocket, I can raise funds by asking for donations, or I can sell advertisements.

If I pay out of my own pocket, things will go well for about a week and a half after which time the money will run out and everyone’s subscription will end. As for fundraising, some of you have donated, and I’m most grateful for that, praising God for your help. But to break even financially, I have to place advertisements in the Daily Bible Verse emails to top up revenue. I’d rather not have to do that, but that’s the reality. I tried stopping the ads but fell into an unsustainable loss position very quickly.

What’s this got to do with Donald Trump? Well, over the past week or so, people have been unsubscribing, i.e. terminating their Daily Bible Verse in droves. I had no idea why, and it was very troubling until this morning when I received an email from someone who had unsubscribed moments earlier. The email had no content, just the following message in the subject line…


And then it dawned on me. Subscribers must be seeing advertisements with their Daily Bible Verse regarding Donald Trump.

I have no idea if these advertisements are pro-Trump or anti-Trump or a mixture of both, because the ads are served by a third party, not by TRUTHWORDS and I haven’t seen one yet. (Perhaps someone could send me a screen shot).

So that’s my dilemma. If I stop allowing advertisements, no more Daily Bible Verse. If I allow advertisements, some of you will get upset and unsubscribe. I have to keep the ads, so hopefully you’ll tolerate them if some don’t align with your politics.

While writing this, I had an idea. Perhaps from God. I don’t know.

Here’s the idea. For every dollar you donate in response to this message, I will drop the ads from a subscriber chosen at random for one year. So if you donate $100 I’ll drop the ads for your Daily Bible Verse subscription and for 100 others for one year. A donation of $25 dollars will stop the ads for you and 25 others for one year. You get the idea.

If you’d like to help me get rid of these ads, please use the donation form below.

Because it’s about the word of God, not about Trump.

Stop Daily Bible Verse Ads

$25 of $5,000 raised

Every dollar raised allows us to remove the ads for one Daily Bible Verse subscriber for one year. The goal is make 5000 subscribers ad-free.

Thank you and God bless.



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2 Comments on “It’s Not About Trump!

  1. It Absolutely Is About The Word of God and Not About Trump ‼️We Can Choose Life And Vote FOR Those Who Support It OR You Can Choose Death And Vote For A Democrat.
    As for me and my house we choose Life.
    We will serve The Lord.
    It is about The Word of God and Not about Trump. All have sinned and come short of the Glory of God. Even me

  2. It should be a little more about the only President who stands up for religion and has acted to prove it

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