Just Another Day in the Post Christian Era

A tale of two moralities.

Morality #1

You’ve probably heard about the Ashley Madison data breach. If you haven’t here’s the abbreviated version:

Ashley Madison is an Internet service that facilitates extra-marital affairs. Their tagline is, “Life is short, have an affair.” They’re essentially an Internet dating service for married people seeking to cheat on their spouse.

They have about 30 million customers.

Someone hacked Ashley Madison’s customer database and released names, email addresses, credit card data, sexual fantasies and erotic photos to the public. There have been two alleged suicides so far, and the remaining 29,999,998 customers are feeling a bit vulnerable to say the least. No doubt many marriages will be destroyed by the release of this information. (Not by the adultery silly, by the release of the information).

According to the media, Ashley Madison and their customers are victims of a vicious crime. The adulterous dating service is legitimate and the customers have a right to expect privacy in their extramarital affairs. This is true under the law in most jurisdictions. Law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, INTERPOL, RCMP et al are cooperating in their investigations, and in well-choreographed media events have vowed to apprehend the heartless criminal hackers. They’ve appealed to the ‘white hat’ hacker community to help them identify the offenders.

The Canadian company that operates Ashley Madison also operates another dating service called, “Established Men” for women seeking a sugar daddy.

This is the common morality in the Post Christian Era – adultery, promiscuity, bad guy hackers and good guy hackers. Feel the love.

Morality #2

Trinity Western University in British Columbia has been operating since 1957. They are an accredited educational institution who describe themselves as follows:

Trinity Western University is a Christian University of the arts, sciences, and professions, legislated by British Columbia to serve the public. Recognized for quality, TWU is consistently ranked among the top universities in Canada for Educational Experience by the National Survey of Student Engagement; holds four Canada Research Chairs; wins National Championships in CIS sports; and emphasizes experiential learning to prepare graduates to make a global impact. TWU offers 42 bachelor’s degrees, 17 graduate degrees, and adult degree-completion programs. A vibrant community committed to educating the whole person, TWU has been developing leaders of character and competence for 50 years.

Learn more at www.twu.ca.

In 2016, Trinity Western plans to add a law school to their long list of offerings. But they need to jump through the necessary hoops of regulatory approval before they can start their program. And rightly so.

But there’s a problem. All TWU students must sign a covenant of conduct that includes the provision that they will not engage in sexual relations outside of marriage between a man and a woman.

Believe it or not, this covenant is preventing them from opening their law school. A number of jurisdictions have ruled that graduates of the TWU law school will not be recognized and may not practice law. Simply because they chose to live by the TWU covenant while earning their law degree.

When the Federation of Law Societies of Canada and the Law Society of B.C.’s benchers voted to accept graduates of Trinity Western, more than a thousand B.C. lawyers signed a petition asking that the issue be put to the B.C. society’s general membership, then they voted 3,210 to 968 in favour of a motion calling on the society’s benchers to reject the school.

So even though Trinity Western was initially accepted, there was a grass roots uprising of lawyers – jumping on today’s popular rainbow bandwagon – attempting to overturn their acceptance and thus deny Christian lawyers the right to practice.

Coming soon to a college near you.

Poor Ashley Madison.

Evil Trinity Western.

Just another day in the Post Christian Era.

God Bless.

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  1. This is such a terrible double standard , we the body of Christ needs to pray for direction because we are actually being discriminated against

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