Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis

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Just some off-the-cuff thoughts on this story.

Mrs. Davis has a dilemma in that her position as county clerk, under the law, requires her to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples  – a requirement that is understandably at odds with her Christian faith.

If she can’t come to terms with this requirement, perhaps she needs to resign. There aren’t a lot of Christian bartenders out there. Likewise, you won’t find too many devout Jews or Muslims butchering pork chops.

I understand Mrs. Davis is an elected official, not an employee, but even the President is required to uphold the law of the land whether or not he agrees with it.

Isaiah 6:25
Isaiah 6:25

That said, this is a ridiculous situation all round. The Christian sacrament of marriage joins together a man and a woman. End of story. The process of joining same-sex couples holding a county marriage license is not Christian marriage. It is a secular process that is referred to as marriage because it confers the same secular legal status on same-sex couples as Christian marriage does on opposite-sex couples. It does not confer the same spiritual status. Not at all. That’s why Christian clergy must not solemnize same-sex weddings (the imminent battle up next).

Mrs. Davis might want to give some prayerful thought as to the merits of her current media circus that, while glorifying to some presidential wannabees, is certainly not glorifying to our God.

We live in a fallen world.

God Bless.

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