Let Them Eat Cake?


Here we go again.

A judge has ruled that a bakery cannot refuse make cakes bearing a pro-gay marriage message, even though it offends the owner’s Christian beliefs.

A Belfast bakery declined to make a cake bearing an image of Sesame Street’s Bert and Ernie with the caption, “Support Gay Marriage”. The customer (gay rights activist Gareth Lee), complained to the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland who brought the case against Ashers Bakery

In making the ruling Judge Isobel Brownlie said: “The defendants have unlawfully discriminated against the plaintiff on grounds of sexual discrimination.

“This is direct discrimination for which there is no justification.”

So there you have it. Its OK to offend a Christian, but not a gay marriage advocate.

I wonder if I ordered some pork from a Kosher Deli, or a Muslim-owned butcher,

would they be forced to handle what they believe is unclean? Or would they be within their rights to decline my order on the grounds that it offends their religion? Of course they would.

But if I needed that pork to cater a gay wedding reception and they refused on those grounds, then I guess they’d be ordered to handle pigs.

Here’s another one, if a pedophile orders a cake with a pro-child molestation message, is it sexual discrimination to refuse the order? After all, their’s is just another sexual preference?

I could go on, but I think you get the idea.

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  1. Few business people, Christian or otherwise, would choose to alienate an entire community out of malice. Their business wouldn’t last very long.

    Whether or not one agrees with their position, Christians who believe that gay marriage is an affront to God’s holy sacrament that joins a man and a woman should not be forced to support that affront, No malice there.

    The bakers took no actions here, neither of malice nor love, neither did they judge. They simply refused to participate in something inconsistent with their belief. Thus maintaining the high standard to which they are held by God, not man.

    Jesus communed with prostitutes, gays and people of varying lifestyles (and continues to welcome them into his Church) but he would not join in or help promote those lifestyles. Neither should we.

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