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In my previous post on this topic I told you about the not-so-same-sex couple Victor and Mabel. Before I continue I’d like to make something perfectly clear in case my readers got the wrong impression. Victor and Mabel (not their real names) are members of my extended family. They are loved and accepted and they are welcome in my home. As a Christian living in the real world its not my place to judge, but to offer Christian love to all of humanity. Enough said.

So onward to today’s topic, LGBT in the media.

I recall back in the early days of the US civil rights movement (yes, I’m that old), when African Americans were struggling for equality, and the battle was played out in the media. In particular, TV and Hollywood embraced the cause and sought to mold tolerance in the minds of Americans by featuring black characters on the screen as being “normal”. (To give you an idea of attitudes prevalent at the time, my grandmother, when observing people of color, would declare, “Ah, God bless them, they’re just like us aren’t they?” But she was horrified at the prospect of having one live next door!)

…the media is embracing a lifestyle that transcends race and culture, and that challenges the religious faiths that were the very foundation of western culture.

So increasingly, what became known as the “token black” would appear in most of the popular TV sitcoms and dramas, and in movies. They were depicted as being smart, witty and “just like us!” so that over time, attitudes were adjusted and white people became more comfortable with the reality of racial equality. Eventually TV shows emerged in the 1970’s that featured  entire casts of African Americans. Shows like “Good Times” and “The Jeffersons” were very popular and helped to bring African American culture into the living rooms of American whites on a daily basis.

The rest is history. And while we still have a long way to go, huge advances were made toward racial equality directly through the efforts of the media. You see where I’m going with this? It’s happening again!

The difference this time is that the media is embracing a lifestyle that transcends race and culture, and that challenges the religious faiths that were the very foundation of western culture.

Thank God for the civil rights movement, but be very afraid of the LGBT movement.

Almost every TV show today features at least one gay or lesbian character. Same-sex couples are blended into the landscape as through not only normal, but quite common in society. If you’re uncomfortable with scenes featuring lingering same-sex kisses and bedroom activities, then there’s not much that you can watch these days on the major networks. The plot-lines involve teary male couples as they receive their newborn (i.e. adopted, surrogate or otherwise acquired) babies against a backdrop of sentimental music; high-school crushes within the football team; and gorgeous, thoroughly girly lesbians engaged in activities that seem targeted to fulfill straight male fantasies rather than any noble LGBT social cause.

It worked in the 70’s and its working again. Straight people are gradually being desensitized to LGBT practice and culture. If fact, just as white people would seek out black friends and acquaintances to prove how progressive and tolerant they were in the 70’s, people today are flocking to join the great same-sex group hug. Look at me! I have gay friends! How tolerant and loving I am!

But this is different.

Thank God for the civil rights movement, but be very afraid of the LGBT movement.

According to God’s word, sex outside of marriage between a man and a woman is sin. Here are the scriptures:

And according to God’s word, telling lies is a sin. Gossip is a sin. Stealing is a sin. Envy is a sin. Drunkenness is a sin. The list is long. A popular meme states, “Don’t hate me because my sin is different from yours.”

We’ve all sinned. And we’ll all continue to sin (some more than others, and including all Christians), so why are Christians singling out LGBT lifestyles as being particularly wrong? We don’t speak out against the excessive use of alcohol and drugs on TV. We don’t picket against marriages that were preceded by adultery and divorce. Neither do we protest the proliferation of false religion and atheism. So what’s going on?

Here’s the thing. If you speak out against alcohol, you’re perceived as one of those well-meaning but slightly misguided religious fanatics. If you protest abortion, you’re a nuisance and must be silenced so as to protect the rights of women regarding their own bodies. If you demand prayer in schools you’re despised for trying to push your religion on unsuspecting children. Its unfortunate but we can live with these facts of life in the real world. But if we do not support same-sex marriage we’re guilty of hate. If we refuse to do business that supports the LGBT lifestyle such as say, a Christian-owned bakery providing a wedding cake for a same-sex wedding, we’re accused of discrimination, we’re sued, and we’re put out of business! Its only a matter of time before a pastor somewhere will be jailed for preaching hate when he invokes in his sermon the scriptures listed above.

I recall a popular TV talk show host, when interviewing the Christian pastor and author, Rick Warren about same-sex marriage, asking, “Isn’t it time you Christians revised the Bible to align it with 21st century values?” or words to that effect. This is what we’re up against.

Revise the Bible?

This is why Christians should be afraid. Through the efforts of the media, mainstream society has been influenced, brainwashed, whatever you want to call it, into believing that any opposition to an increasingly popular sin, is in fact hate-mongering. So what, you ask? Well, never before has the Christian church been so threatened in western society. We are being told to change our religion. More and more people are believing the lie that the Christian message is one of hate. Whereas we Christians know its just the opposite!

I’ll shut up now. Let’s pick it up next time when I’ll talk about how we, as Christians, can help to stem the tide of hatred towards Christ’s Church.

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  1. In Matthew 19:10-11 Jesus defined Eunuchs as those who do not marry normally, and included himself in solidarity with the LGBT people. There are also affirming passages such as Galatians 5:22-23 or Colossians 3:13-15. There are more affirming passages than clobbering passages in the scriptures!

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