Same Sex Marriage, LGBTQ and the whole gender thing

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Possibly at the top of the temptation scale, sexuality gets humanity in a lot of trouble.

So you’re a Bible-thumping card-carrying born-again Christian. You’ve learned that homosexuality is a sin. It says so in the Bible. You may not be sure exactly where it says so in the Bible, but you’re pretty sure its in there somewhere because of all the fuss lately. And if the Bible says homosexuality is a sin, then it must be stopped! Mustn’t it?

You’re as straight as can be. You find the opposite sex very attractive. In fact, sometimes you wish you didn’t find so many of them attractive because your spouse/fiance/boyfriend/girlfriend/partner or whatever isn’t too pleased when your eyes linger a bit longer than they should as certain people walk by.

Our sexuality is a complex thing. Its borne of love, sanctioned by God and necessary for our procreation, but its a minefield of opportunity for sin. The list is endless; lust, fornication, adultery, sodomy, bestiality, you name it; if what you’re into doesn’t comprise an opposite sex couple married in church, then its likely a sin.

Possibly at the top of the temptation scale, sexuality gets humanity in a lot of trouble. Just ask Bill Clinton or Jimmy Swaggart. Without juicy sex scandals the writers of novels, TV shows and movies would have little inspiration to ply their craft, and the tabloids would simply go out of business!

So given that we’re already a little messed up in the sexuality department, then what about same sex marriage, LGBTQ and the whole gender thing? Have we invented a new, deeper category of sin? I think not.

So why, as Christians, are we so agitated?

Let’s take a look at that in my next post.

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