Our Climb from the Slime

Let’s pretend for a minute that the theory of evolution is a scientifically proven fact. Let’s pretend that evolutionary theory is the fruit of scientific method as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary, i.e., “…consisting in systematic observation, measurement, and experiment, and the formulation, testing, and modification of hypotheses.”  You know what I mean, actually based on empirical or measurable evidence.

From modest single-cell beginnings, a slow climb from the slime takes place over billions of years until creatures, sorry, I mean critters, are complex enough to compete for resources. Then it’s all about survival of the fittest. The weak among us are culled from the herd by predators, leaving the strong to breed. The ability to adapt and solve problems bestows an advantage on individuals, enhancing our ability to survive and to contribute offspring to the gene pool of our “kind”. And somewhere along the way this process causes new “kinds” to emerge alongside the old “kinds” until viola!, we have Taylor Swift!.

Let’s pretend that’s all real and it actually happened. Is it still happening or did it stop?

Are all our planet’s critters still competing with each other to survive? If humanity wipes out virtually all other higher lifeforms does that mean we’ve won? What about the continuous improvement of the human race until we spin off another new “kind”? Homo Sapiens 2.0 perhaps. Is that still the goal? Are we still competing with each other for breeding rights?

If evolution is fact, then these are valid questions. Think about it. The world accepts the theory of evolution but I doubt that many people really understand the implications of their belief.

I’ll save the creation vs. evolution debate for another time, so for now let’s consider our responsibilities as evolved members of the human “kind”. We have a couple of choices.

Choice #1 – Ignore Evolution 

If evolution is real but we ignore it, then our left of liberal don’t-offend-anyone feel-good, politically correct western society is embarking on a group hug into extinction. Too weak or lazy to work? No problem, the state will feed you and protect you from predators and bad weather so you can successfully breed and perpetuate your awesome genes. Don’t want children? Too smart to give up your career? Enjoying the high life your college degree has brought you? No problem, there’s no obligation to breed. There are myriad methods of birth control and if you do accidentally get one in the oven, the state will protect your right to have it killed. Your awesome genes won’t contribute to human evolution but that’s alright, lesser people with lower intelligence are breeding enough to bridge the gap. You’re happy, and you only live once!

As evolution marches on, Choice #1 means that humans will get weaker and dumber until we devolve into oblivion. But that’s unlikely to happen because there’s a tribe somewhere in the world that will one day realize what’s going on and will grab the advantage. They’re probably working on it already, and they’re coming for you.

Choice #2 – Embrace Evolution 

If evolution is real and we embrace it, then we have a golden opportunity to optimize humanity and evolve further. By weeding out the weak and undesirable we could build a really strong master race! Oh, wait a minute, some of us tried that in the mid-twentieth century and it didn’t end well. Hmm, what a dilemma. If only we didn’t evolve that pesky morality. Its preventing us from evolving further. Makes you wonder how we evolved morality in the first place seeing as its such an obstacle to the further evolution of our “kind”.

Perhaps we could advance science to the point where anyone with less desirable genes is killed in the womb. That would make it more palatable. But who gets to decide? Wouldn’t that require some form of world government with all the right knowledge, and absolute control over the entire race? Who would form such a government? Perhaps our Scientists are worthy. They know so much more than the rest of us!

In His Image

Let’s face it people, we’re in a bit of a bind here. Evolution is not good news for humanity. Its a losing proposition. We either behave like animals and survive, or we remain socially progressive and decline until someone remembers that we need to act like animals to get back in the game.

If I believed in evolution this would keep me awake at night worrying that my descendants are doomed to a brutal existence.

But I sleep well because I didn’t evolve. I am created in the image of my God. The same God who placed His law in my heart, a law we call morality.

God Bless.

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