Right Wing Propaganda – Let’s Be Clear

I’ve received a couple of complaints recently because of articles I wrote that are interpreted as political, or as right-wing propaganda. Apparently, some of my Daily Bible Verse subscribers don’t want any of that.

The article that triggered these complaints seems to be the one titled, “Weighing the Value of Human Life as We Face Covid-19” to which I included a link from the Daily Bible Verse email. In this article I contrast all the fuss about the potential one-time loss of between 28 and 42 million human lives to COVID-19 with the total disregard for the annual loss of some 56 million human lives to abortion. I conclude by suggesting you ask your leaders to reconcile their position on abortion with what they’re telling you about the pandemic.

Apparently, this is right-wing political propaganda.

Let’s be clear. I hold to a Christian world view. This world view is reflected in the TRUTHWORDS and Search the Bible websites. My Christian world view is pro-life. I am against abortion and assisted suicide, and sometimes I write about those things. I also write about other social issues from time to time.

My writing constitutes free speech. Those of you who are offended by my free speech are free to unsubscribe from the free Daily Bible Verse service at any time they choose. But I hope you choose to continue receiving God’s daily word –  I didn’t write that.


Steve Howells.

2 Comments on “Right Wing Propaganda – Let’s Be Clear

  1. so true. It is amazing how some Christians try to separate their world view from the bible. Christian world view is the biblical world view.
    When it comes to saving lives then all lives are considered. It is socialism to pick and choose what group is more important. When considering the shutdown of the economy, this economist says it correctly. “It is not dollars vs. lives, it is lives vs. lives”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-UO3Wd5urg0&t=1189s . Our leaders need to cost out every option. As Christians we need to speak up for those that cannot.

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