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What’s My Role in the Kingdom of God?

This is a question that is pondered by many. Is the Kingdom of God here and now or will it be established at some future time? Am I supposed to have a role? Can I choose one or will God assign me something?

Islam – Who Are The Bad Guys?

Thought I’d share this compelling video narrated by Raheel Raza, president of Muslims Facing Tomorrow.

Was It Something I Said?

Most would agree that we’re at our happiest when all is well with our relationships. You know, when there’s nothing coming between you and your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend. When there isn’t any conflict at work; some unfinished job, poorly executed task or negative behavior that comes between you and your boss or co-workers.

So How Does That Make You Feel?

Feelings, nothing more than feelings… so went the lyrics of the one-hit wonder written by Louis Gasté and recorded by Morris Albert in 1974. A huge hit at the time, the song went on to gain a reputation as the ultimate example of cheesy, banal 1970’s soft rock. But the opening words of…