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Islam – Who Are The Bad Guys?

Thought I’d share this compelling video narrated by Raheel Raza, president of Muslims Facing Tomorrow.

Dear Christian, You’re Wasting Your Time

To this day I don’t know who these folks were (the little church is a shop selling musical instruments now), but they were a strange lot. They welcomed Donna and I into their tiny sanctuary but we couldn’t shake the feeling that our very presence was making them uncomfortable. All the women in the room were wearing hats. All except Donna, that is.

The US Supreme Court Ruling on Same Sex Marriage

Just some thoughts. The US supreme court have decided in their wisdom that the states must recognize same sex marriage. This means… 1. The states must issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. 2. Individuals are legally allowed to marry people of the same…

God Forgive Me

It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to think that Jesus suffered what he did just to have it undone by a bacon double cheeseburger!