The Anatomy of Hate

One of my categories here is “Spiritual Battles” where I write about issues I believe are directly related to the ongoing warfare between Satan, as represented by the Fallen World, and the Kingdom of God, as represented by His Church, i.e. Christians.

The enemy’s attacks against us range from the outrageous, unconscionable acts of terrorism and murder from the likes of ISIS and Al Qaeda et al, to the subtle erosion of tolerance and moral standards championed by the media and entertainment industries. And, of course, the not-so subtle explosive growth of Islam (See Nature Abhors a Vacuum).

Of all the warfare tactics used against Christ’s Church, its not the grandstanding, shock and terror antics that we should fear (those thugs will be dealt with militarily when our politicians finally pull their heads out of the sand and deploy some troops on the ground). The most damaging tactic is that slow and subtle erosion.

If there was ever any doubt that we’re involved in a spiritual battle, one has only to look at this week’s season opener of the perennially popular TV series, “Grey’s Anatomy”. Here’s a show that has run for ten years, ostensibly about the workings of a Seattle hospital and the lives of the romance-challenged but ever-so-capable surgical staff. Over the years, most of the male characters have bedded most of the female characters – including those of the lesbian persuasion who have bedded and ‘wedded’ each other – in weekly flings ranging from staff room quickies to brief marital mayhem.

So, with a solid record of immoral teachings under its belt, “Grey’s Anatomy” aired its much-anticipated opening episode this week with a direct attack against Christianity in a subtle but very effective fashion.

1 Timothy 413

The main story line is about two schoolgirls who have been hit by a train. Pretty nasty. The lesser injured of the girls displays a frantic concern for the condition of the other, and it soon becomes apparent that they were in a ‘love’ relationship. This is first suspected by the lesbian orthopedic surgical resident who notices that the girls share a similar tattoo signifying their bond. It turns out that the girls were on the train tracks so that they could “be together” (presumably in some afterlife). You see, one of the girls has an evil, belligerent mother who wants to send her away to a camp, recommended by their pastor

, so that she can be cured of her lesbian tendencies. The girls would rather die together than be separated in such as manner by the despicable Christian mother. The lesbian orthopedic surgical resident tries to reason with the mother that those camps are horrible places where awful things take place, but she’s bluntly told to mind her own business by the nasty woman.

Message#1: Same sex relationships between high-school kids are normal and should be supported.

Message#2: Christians are evil, intolerant people who are against ‘love’ and are unfeeling toward the needs of their children.

Enter the father of the other girl. A kindly, soft-spoken man, clearly of Arabian ethnicity and, although not explicitly stated in the script, very likely a Muslim man. He shows the father of the poor Christian girl a photo of his daughter he keeps in his wallet. In the photo, the two girls are smiling cheek-to-cheek, the very best of friends.

The father of the poor Christian girl realizes how terribly wrong he has been and confronts his wife, forbidding any further consideration of the evil camp. Once again love wins over evil and we all live happily ever after.

Message#3: The people of Islam are a tolerant and gentle lot, and Christians could learn something from them.

There are many folks, Christians included, who could watch this episode and completely miss the messages. So subtle are they. But make no mistake, the messages are getting through to society in general, and our children in particular.

God Bless.

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