The Queendom of God

Its time for churches in communion with the Archbishop of Canterbury, that is the Church of England, the Anglican Church and the Episcopalian Church, to change the gender of God.

I’m not kidding. Apparently this is a thing. Support is growing to amend their official liturgies to refer to God as a female.

female pastor

The Transformations Steering Group, a body that meets at Lamburth Palace to examine the the impact of women in ministry on the Church of England have issued a public call for Bishops to encourage more “…expansive language and imagery about God.” You can read more about this in an article in The Telegraph.

According to the woman that led the campaign for female bishops, one Hilary Cotton (Chairman of Women and the Church), a shift away from patriarchal language of the Book of Common Prayer is at an advanced stage. She says that ‘something more’ than the the almost default male language about God is in use.

As God said to Eve, “What is this that thou hast done?” (Genesis 3:13).

What am I missing here? I don’t claim to be an authority on the deeper mysteries of our faith, but I’m confident that these folks are wandering into dangerous territory.

God has no gender.

Gender is a characteristic of creation that is necessary for procreation. Does God join with some other god of a different gender so as to procreate? I think not. Why do we insist on attributing physical human characteristics to God? Some argue that we are created in His image, both male and female, so we should be able to refer to God as a woman.

But God is a spirit (John 4:24). He isn’t human. Through the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, God refers to Himself as the Father, a male. God has no gender but has chosen the male gender as a means of describing Himself in terms we can understand. Is He wrong?

Lady Bishops, rather than jumping on the feminist bandwagon to eliminate patriarchal tradition, I respectfully suggest that you focus your energy on furthering God’s Kingdom, the task for which you are supposedly called.

God Bless.

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