The Wrong Prayer

I watched the local news on TV last night. There was a story about the naming of three new vessels in our coastal ferry fleet. The names were allegedly chosen from those suggested by the public in a contest.

The coastal waters here primarily consist of the Strait of Georgia, Puget Sound, and the Juan de Fuca Strait. Our ever so politically correct government named these waters, collectively, as the “Salish Sea” in 2010. This was in recognition of our aboriginal population, the Coast Salish people, who have inhabited, hunted and fished the area for thousands of years.

Not a BC Ferry

Now, our ferry system is operated by the government via a corporation known as BC Ferries. Its a favorite pass time in the Vancouver and Gulf Islands region to complain about our ferry system. Mostly we complain about the high cost of fares and the high salaries of BC Ferries executives.

Some of the BC ferries vessels that ply these waters have names such as;

  • Spirit of Vancouver Island
  • Queen of Nanaimo
  • Coastal Celebration
  • Coastal Renaissance

There are many ships in the fleet, launched as Spirits of this or that, Queens of wherever, and Coastal good-feelings.

So they had this contest to name three new vessels, and unwittingly invited the complaining public to suggest names. We couldn’t resist, and the results were predictable…

  •  Spirit of The WalletSucker
  • Queen of No Other Choice
  • Coastal Fair Hike
  • Queen of the Damned

…and so on. (Check this link for a list of the best 25 mock entries).

Yesterday they announced the three names chosen. They are;

  • Salish Orca
  • Salish Eagle
  • Salish Raven

The orcas, eagles and ravens being a big part of our aboriginal people’s traditions here in the Salish Sea.

The big announcement was staged at the First Nations Gallery of the Royal B.C. Museum, where a canoe and other artifacts were on display. It was preceded by a flurry of traditional aboriginal drumming, dancing and chanting, and some official speechifying about how the new names give a nod to our aboriginal peoples (who, by the way, are actively pursuing treaty claims to more than 100% of our land).

Here’s the punchline. The entire ceremony was opened with a prayer (a prayer!) from an aboriginal spiritual leader. He blessed the whole thing while everyone looked on with admirable tolerance.

Had that been a Christian prayer there would have been trouble. It would have been the wrong prayer. All those same feel-the-love, let’s-give-the-country-back-to-the-Indians leftist atheists would have been furious! There’s no place for prayer in government!

In the western world its been tradition for hundreds of years to open government meetings, councils, sittings of legislatures etc. with a prayer to the Christian God. Not any more. The same politically correct stereotypes who embrace aboriginal traditions, yoga, zen, karma and anything else that counters western culture are doing everything they can to rid all government proceedings of prayers or references to God!

Well, not gods in general, just the Christian One.

God Bless.

PS – I’m sure there are countless repeats of this hypocrisy everywhere. I’d be interested in hearing about them.

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