Witnessing The Collapse

As we witness events in Washington DC and throughout the west that were once unthinkable, the imminent collapse of democracy and social order emerges as a real and present danger.

By now you know the story too well. A respected judge with a hitherto spotless record is a sexual predator. We must believe this because Democrat members of a Senate Judiciary Committee, with straight faces, have declared the comedic writings of children, in a decades old high school yearbook, to be proof. Proof that Christine Ford’s uncorroborated accusation that a 17 year old Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her and ruined her life, is true, and being true, disqualifies an accomplished 53 year old man from the pursuit of further accomplishments.

Ford’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee comes across as believable to the rational mind. So does Kavanaugh’s.

One cannot believe them both. So it is primarily Republicans and conservative, right-leaning thinkers that believe Kavanaugh, and mostly Democrats and left-leaning thinkers that believe Ford. The latter group cheered on by feminists and proponents of the #MeToo movement who rally behind Ford and celebrate her ‘heroic’ testimony as a leap forward for women in their fight against a perceived rape culture. Never mind due process and the presumption of innocence.

Despite President Trump’s order for another FBI investigation, we may never know the truth of the matter. But none of this is about a sexual assault that may or may not have happened in 1982. I think we all know that.

It’s no secret that Brett Kavanaugh has a maintained a conservative voting record over the past 12 years as a judge for the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. So he must be a right-leaning Republican type. As President Trump’s nominee for the US Supreme Court he must be a Trump supporter. Right? Democrats and left-leaning thinkers know they can’t count on Kavanaugh to move their progressive agenda forward in future Supreme Court rulings. So his confirmation must be stopped. Makes sense – this guy can’t be trusted.

Christine Ford is a university professor. Hers has been a life spent in academia, in California no less, an environment where conservative thinking does not flourish and, in recent times, has been actively and violently suppressed. She gives her testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee flanked by her legal council, recommended to her by Democrats, and both of whom have long-standing Democrat associations and are working for free. She must be a Democrat. Ergo, she must also believe that Kavanaugh’s confirmation should be stopped. Right? Makes sense – this gal can’t be trusted.

Kavanaugh and Ford are the unwitting pawns in an existential battle between supporters of a status quo for Western Civilization and the crusaders for a new world order. And as dramatic as that may sound, I believe we’re witnessing the present-day equivalent of Churchill’s gathering storm. Dark days lie ahead.

The two sides in this battle can be loosely described as Conservatives and Progressives. Conservatives are those who wish to conserve the characteristics of Western Civilization based on their history of imperfect but highly-successful economic and social policies that secured our present freedoms and superior standards of living. Progressives believe that society must ‘progress’ beyond our current state with a view to further improvement.

On the surface, these two positions do not appear to be in conflict. Why wouldn’t we want to keep doing that which has been successful? And why wouldn’t we want to pursue continued improvement?

It depends on how you define improvement.

Western Civilization as we know it was built from a Judaeo-Christian perspective. We weren’t all practicing Christians or Jews, but as a society we adopted the underlying moral code of the Judaeo-Christian world view and this seems to have worked. Sure, there have been growing pains, and we didn’t always get it right, but the overall progressive nature of the Judaeo-Christian world view built improvement upon improvement until we achieved a functional civil society such that the world had never seen. Our society was built upon a framework of individual freedom, family values, civic responsibility, patriotism, and the pursuit of what is good and, more importantly, that which had been proven to be good over time.

Like it or not, there were certain societal building blocks that had been proven to be good. One of these was marriage between a man and a woman. Individuals, biologically configured to do so, got married and had children. This was the basic family unit. Communities were built with families. Nations were built from communities. In fact, every social structure in the world, from Pygmy to Roman, established the same basic family unit.

Did everyone get married? No. Was everyone heterosexual? No. Could everyone have children? Of course not. But, like it or not, the structured society that sustained freedom and economic security for all, was built upon a framework of married heterosexuals who had children.

Unfortunately, individuals who were different from the vast majority were ostracized and suffered from discrimination. Homosexuality was often illegal, making life every difficult for non-heterosexual communities. This was a mistake, a learning point. But that fact doesn’t change anything. It doesn’t mean that the heterosexual primary building blocks of our society were invalid, it just means that certain people were treated badly.

Another important premise upon which we built our society was the value that Judaeo-Christian thinking placed upon human life. Every life was precious. A gift from God. Special, and to be preserved at all cost. Whether or not one believes in a God, its not hard to see that our society drew great benefit from this Judaeo-Christian approach as opposed to the outcomes observed in places such as the Soviet Union, Cambodia, China etc. where the state, or ‘greater good’  was elevated above human life and millions died as a consequence.

Out of these elemental values arose certain concepts that most of us, regardless of political inclination, still believe to be true. These include the rights of free speech, freedom of assembly and freedom of religion as well as the rights of individuals not to be discriminated against on the basis of race, age, disability, sexual orientation, national origin, gender etc.. The idea being that, if we as a society hold to these values, our civilization will continue to flourish, making a high quality of life equally available to all.

So what happened? If Western Civilization is so great, why are we standing at the precipice of societal collapse?

The simple answer is that Judaeo-Christian thinking is out, and feelings are in.

The underlying causes of this mind-shift are varied, complex and far beyond what can be discussed here. They involve our systems of education, where a toxic mix of feminism and Marxism have been allowed to flourish in the name of tolerance. They’re driven by an entertainment industry pushing sexual revolution and sentimentalism. All of this compounded by the loss of an objective news media and the rise of populist Internet mob-rule.

But it all boils down to the collapse of the two primary building blocks of Western Civilization. The heterosexual nuclear family has been devalued by the leftist obsession with LGBTQ+ lifestyles. Such lifestyles are to be accepted and tolerated, but not glorified as a progressive stand against imagined patriarchal oppressors. Likewise, human life is devalued by the leftist obsession with abortion rights. Life is not precious after all. Inconvenient conceptions yield throw-away babies.

As a society shall we continue to stand for what has been proven to be good? If so, will proponents of the left continue to invoke righteous justification to resist by any and all means?

We’re witnessing the collapse, and there are dark days ahead.

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